Gordon is more than just an advisor; he is a mentor. He is so knowledgeable about the premed and application process, and he is always there to give helpful advice. What sets Gordon apart from other people is his candidness and no-nonsense advising. There is so much information and misinformation floating out there about how to prepare for and apply to medical school. Students often hear conflicting and misleading advice about what to do. However, Gordon's advice stands out as very direct and methodical. Though tactful and sensitive, his advice is straightforward and honest--the kind of advice you might otherwise only hear from someone who knows you really well. What a blessing it was to have Gordon as a mentor!" A.Y.

Hasan was such a helpful source of insight throughout my application process! He thoughtfully edited my application essay and looked at it from an admissions officer's perspective, helping me communicate what I was trying to say more smoothly and effectively. I can truly say that by fixing the little details and organizing my ideas better with his input, my essay became much more polished and a more engaging read! Furthermore, in the interview process, Hasan provided me with useful questions and an organized means to think about how to answer them. I felt much more at ease with his complete list of potential interview questions, and was definitely more prepared for what I would get asked in an interview setting.” Sara Hojjatie, Emory University School of Medicine, Class of 2020

This may sound somewhat like an over-exaggeration (it really is not), but I truly believe Gordon's consistent guidance and advising for the entirety of my medical school application process and college career are pivotal reasons for me being an MD candidate at a top 10 medical school today. Gordon's concrete suggestions and micro-planning are tried and true products, and both he and I are proof. For example, he outlined a daily/weekly MCAT study schedule for me, which he had used himself for the exam, and I ended up with a score in the 99.8th percentile range. His detailing of interview methods, extracurricular and shadowing pursuits, and application writing strategies have helped me receive interviews at numerous top 20 medical schools including Johns Hopkins, NYU, Washington University and many more. Gordon truly cares about others' success and is unique in that he is always available, relatable and approachable. In medicine and other academically intensive fields, foresight and the ability to market oneself to others are highly sought-out qualities, and Gordon is not only a phenom in these areas, but is able to nurture them in others. I would ask him to be my mentor if I had to repeat the application process. Thanks Gordon!” Keven Ji, Duke University School of Medicine, Class of 2020

Dr. Khosravi helped edit my daughter's essays for her college application. I cannot emphasize how thorough, helpful, kind, and patient he was; he helped my daughter translate her experiences into meaningful writing and create conclusions that really impressed me as the reader. I am confident that she has her best chance of getting into her top choice school with his assistance." Ravid Komilian, Father, Atlanta, GA

Dr. Bae has been such an integral advisor and mentor to me during the medical school application process. He is extremely insightful, knowledgeable, and helpful through all steps of the journey, from advice regarding coursework and research, to personal statements and secondary applications, to interview preparation. I cannot think of a mentor who is more helpful, willing, kind, and effective than him!” Medical Student, Harvard Medical School, Class of 2018
Since Dr. Khosravi was a voting member of the admissions committee at HMS, he knows exactly what discussions go on behind the doors. Having him as my mentor throughout my application process was like having the list of questions in advance before a major exam. He knew exactly what I should be focusing on and helped me plan each year to get the most out of college. I am so thankful and I know I couldn’t have gotten here without him.” Medical Student, Harvard Medical School, Class of 2021
Gordon is an absolutely terrific person to work with - he is so knowledgeable about the medical school application process, kind, and always willing to help. Additionally, he is very approachable, responsible, supportive, and happy to answer questions. The feedback that he provides is insightful, to-the-point, and thought-provoking. Above all, Gordon is a dedicated and passionate mentor, who really cares about the people he works with! Undergraduate Student, Harvard College