Individual Advising

How many schools should I apply to? What are my chances of getting in? Are my scores good enough? What type of extracurricular activities should I be focusing on?

Whether you just want to get into a top 5 college, medical school, or wish to get the Rhodes scholarship, we can help you. We have helped applicants of all calibers and with our expertise, we can help you present yourself in a way to maximize your opportunity.
Your personal statement is arguably the most important piece of your application. Even if you have fantastic grades and an impressive list of extracurricular activities and awards, your chances of getting into a great college or medical school will diminish significantly with a poorly written personal statement. We will take a look at your entire portfolio from your significant childhood experiences to the most recent classes that you have taken and help you frame your journey to college or medicine and help you stand out from the crowd.
By using powerful adjectives and re-phrasing the description of your activities, we can change a dull list into an eye-catching list that your future interviewers are excited to talk to you about. We know what the admissions committees are looking for in your extracurricular activities and awards. We will help you highlight your experiences to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Secondary Applications

These essays are your chance to show your interest in the particular school that you are applying to. Many applicants end up writing generic essays that look similar to other applicants’ essays. These end up sounding dull and boring. Allow us to help you stand out and show your enthusiasm and interest in the various schools that you are aiming for. For each secondary application purchase, you will work with one of our physician mentors who will provide you with 2 edits of your secondary essay.

Interview Prep

Most students spend the least amount of time in preparing for interviews, but once schools extend you an invite, this becomes the most important part of your application. Experienced interviewers can instantly separate applicants into good and bad within 2-3 minutes of talking to you. We will coach you with recorded interview sessions and go through everything from body language to the tone of your voice to ensure that you give your best impression.